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Step 1

Mix 30 ml of product (Protein – Bulg Cosmetics) in a spray bottle, in addition to 30 ml of natural effervescent mineral water and shake. In case you need a higher quantity of product, the rule is to mix the protein in equal parts with 1/1 water.

Applicare il prodotto con lo spruzzino

Step 2

Apply the mixture obtained on the entire dry hair with the help of the spray, taking care to cover the entire hair.

Lasciare agire il prodotto

Step 3

Leave on for 30 minutes.

Asciugare con il phon i capelli

Step 4

Dry directly with a hairdryer.

Piastrare i capelli

Step 5

Straight hair: use titanium plate 230 ° C taking care to lower the temperature in case of bleached and thin stem. Curly hair: use brush and hairdryer to weld the scales.

Risciacquare i capelli

Step 6

Rinse and proceed to style.

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