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Aloe Vera has always been known for its highly transversal properties, in cosmetic treatments for its moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties. Babosa has been proven to fortify the scalp, giving deep hydration to the hair.

Bulg Cosmetics has synthesized the properties of Aloe Vera giving life to a natural hair product, free of toxic elements that perfectly combines all the benefits of Babosa.

In fact, from the Aloe leaves, aloin is obtained, a transparent gel rich in the properties of the plant, which is transformed and processed in a nanomolecular way.

The result will be:

  • Hair growth;
  • Nutrition of the hair shaft;
  • Ease of penetration and absorption into the hair;
  • Deep Hydration;
  • Restoration of the natural Ph of the hair.
Babosa PROTEIN guarantees a natural and moisturizing smoothing, favoring the development of the hair in the three phases of its life cycle.

What is Babosa?

Babosa, translated into Italian Aloe Vera, is a medicinal plant used since ancient times for medicinal and beauty purposes.

Rich in proteins, lipids, enzymes, saponins, vitamins and minerals, and the main applications are:

  • Detoxifying and purifying;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Analgesic, antipyretic, pain reliever and analgesic;
  • Cicatrizing and coagulating;
  • Moisturizer for the skin.
Aloe Vera

Instructions for Use

Lavare i capelli

Wash your hair with regular shampoo, dry evenly.

Applicare prodotto

Apply Babosa Protein on dry hair starting from the root and following up to the tips, with a light massage to ensure that the protein penetrates the entire stem.


Leave to act: 40 minutes on thin and / or colored hair; 60 minutes on oily and / or very curly / afro hair.

Sciacquare i capelli

Partially rinse (remove excess product) with water only, do not use shampoo. Alternatively, help yourself with a spray bottle filled with water only to avoid removing too much product (optional).


Dry the entire hair with the jet of the hairdryer.


Plate in thin strands 8/10 times quickly without stopping on the strand with the titanium plate strictly 230 ° C. For damaged or very lightened hair, reduce the temperature.

Piega ai capelli

Rinse thoroughly, apply Arginine Mask, leave on for 5/10 minutes, rinse and proceed with the styling.

PS-1: if during the processing times the hair absorbs too much product resulting dry, make sure to add an additional amount of product to keep the hair moist for the entire duration of the application.
PS-2: before carrying out the treatment, make sure that the hair is adequately hydrated. If the hair is excessively dry, apply a mixture of Arginine Mask and 3-4 drops of Aloe / Macadamia serum 2/3 times in the previous weeks for 15 minutes under a heat source.
PS-3: on a very light blond (platinum) pay attention to the temperature of the plate could yellow the color (modulate it accordingly).
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The BOTOX treatment can be an alternative to the complete treatment to restore vitality to a slightly frizzy and dull hair

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