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Logo Bulg Cosmetics coloriCompany that deals with cosmetics in a dynamic, innovative and sustainable way. He has devised natural and sustainable solutions for hair care through the use of products based on Arginine, Aloe Vera, Coconut and Argan dedicated to hair professionals.

Our vision points to the search for the best solutions for the health of hair and professionals through organic materials and technologically advanced. We are attentive researchers and, thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, we have achieved amazing results.
Aware that hair care starts from the study and analysis of what can nourish it from the outside, Bulg Cosmetics studies the best solutions for healthy and beautiful hair.

The mission is to restore vitality to hair threatened daily by stress, pollution, incorrect nutrition and / or excessive use of the straightener, through natural and sustainable products.

We are a dynamic and innovative reality thanks to the study and continuous research to meet the needs of our customers and every professional. Bulg Cosmetics offers dedicated advice and ongoing assistance. The study in a nanometric way through nanotechnology and continuous innovation allows us to treat every type of hair from the bulb to the tip.

Sustainable 101%. We manage the production lines in an eco-friendly way, our products are natural and biocompatible, structured on the basis of proteins that help the hair to nourish and strengthen itself. After each of our treatments, the use of the straightener will also be significantly reduced, doing good to both our hair and the environment.

We think that distances serve to bring you closer!

Bulg Cosmetics is internationalized both in production, entirely managed in Brazil, and in distribution.

We are attentive to the evolution of the market and therefore in constant research to always improve our products and offer our customers quality and professionalism.

Discover our professional hair care solutions with natural products based on Arginine, Aloe Vera, Coconut and Argan.

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