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Hair care in the summer: what to do and what not

Salt water, chlorine in the pool and long exposure to the sun can cause a real “burn” of the hair as UV rays can damage the protective cuticle of the hair fiber.
How many times in the summer has your hair appeared dry, dull and brittle? The secret is to choose the right hair care products even in summer.

Here are our tips:

Use a protective spray when you expose your hair to the sun
Shampoo with a specific product that has sunscreens for UVA and UVB rays
Rinse your hair with fresh water immediately after bathing
Avoid coloring your hair before going on vacation
Use little hair dryer, plates and irons
Gather your hair in fluffy hairstyles
Upon returning from vacation, contact your trusted hairdresser to apply an ad hoc treatment that revitalizes and heals your hair

Ask your hairdresser for Bulg Cosmetics products. You will be surprised at the results!

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