Olio di Cocco

Coconut oil: a panacea for our hair

Coconut is widely used in some cultures, such as Indian, to keep hair strong, nourished and protected. An ingredient to take care of the hair in a natural way and that is, at the same time, effective.

Coconut oil is obtained by squeezing the pulp, previously dried, of the fruit of the coconut palm. Contains many nutrients that are excellent for keeping hair strong and nourished: saturated fatty acids (caprinic acid, caprylic acid, lauric acid) vitamins (vitamin K, vitamin E) choline (a particular antioxidant vitamin associated with B vitamins) and mineral salts.

Regular use of coconut oil promotes the regrowth of healthy and robust hair and a toning of hair that is brittle and dull or damaged by excessively aggressive treatments. The hair will return to its natural brilliance and softness making the hair full-bodied and flowing.

Damaged hair is the alarm signal of a protein deficiency. We must therefore go to remedy this deficit and we can do it successfully using coconut oil. The lauric acid abundantly contained in it, is a substance similar to the proteins present in the hair, has a low specific weight that allows it to penetrate deeply. On this foundation COCOS is born, the protein for healthy and shiny hair by Bulg Cosmetics.

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